It’s Time We Say, “Goodbye and Thank You” to Northern California

While Navigation North is NOT going away, we are regretfully transitioning from our long-time Northern California home-base in Chico where it all began for our company. For our founders, and a number of our staff, Chico is the hometown where we went to college while working in coffee shops and record stores, taught in local schools, raised our families, served [...]

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For EdTech, Summer Time is Testing Time

Summertime means testing time for those teams wanting to grab input from educators. Thinking, planning, and designing systems to increase the use of digital learning resources and enabling educators in sharing how they create richer, more equitable, and differentiated classrooms for students is our passion. Therefore, we typically contact educators just as the school year concludes. The idea is to [...]

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Big Projects on the Way @ Navigation North

Busy, Busy @ Navigation North A few of our long time clients have decided now is the time to make strategic and significant investments in extending their existing systems. Therefore, things are moving fast within the Navigation North offices as these big projects make their way through our design and development processes. The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access has [...]

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La Purísima Mission

An easy way to promote the learning resource you or your teams develop on the Smithsonian Learning Lab, is to use the embed code to drop a functional version of your collection on any webpage where you share information with your constituents!

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Please Help Us Get Online and to Our Students! – Northern CA Schools

"We need to get online now and find our students!" a local Northern California school site administrator implored us two days after the fires decimated the town of Paradise CA just miles from our offices. Last Thursday - November 8th, members of the Navigation North team in Northern California woke up to head into the office and quickly noted an [...]

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Using Visual Prototyping to Unlock the Lessons of History

Navigation North traveled to San Francisco to do some early-stage visual prototyping with the California Historical Society team. In the heart of the CHS research center, amongst transitioning exhibitions, offices bustling with varied expertise and passion, and a blend of artwork and manuscripts that shape the history of the Golden State, a small room was set aside for a day [...]

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Navigation North to Release New OER-LTI Tools

Having spent the last 5 years refining OER systems and tools with some of the nation’s largest Learning Resource distributors and recently conducting a body of research and analysis on educator and agency use of OER, Navigation North is preparing to release a new series of robust learning resource distribution and tracking tools.  We examined and documented the needs facing [...]

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Two Canvas Projects and Some Fun Summer Learning

Demanding More from Their Learning Management Systems Requests to help more and more education agencies make full use of their LMS (Canvas or otherwise) to optimize online and blended course offerings seems to be in high gear lately. Universities, colleges, and districts are pushing to leverage their LMS investments as part of providing more learners online learning experiences, and to [...]

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What Are Your Thoughts on OER?

Gooru Learning recently posed the question, "What are your thoughts on OER?", and given our role in OER systems development and research over the last 15 years, generating a comprehensive answer seemed like a valid exercise.  Diagram of OER Providers OER can be an emerging key ingredient in helping all schools and all teachers formulate a more rich [...]

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