How To #GoOpen Using The Learning Registry

#GoOpen Campaign

The U.S. Department of Education’s #GoOpen Campaign encourages states, school districts and educators to use openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning.

Open data is the idea that data should be freely available to the public—both technically and legally—to use and redistribute without limitation. When high-value data sets are publicly available practitioners, researchers, and the public can use the data to inform their work in classroom and communities across America.

Open data follows the following principles:

  • Public – available to all in accordance with the law and the Office of Management and Budget’s Open Government Directive.
  • Accessible – available to the widest range of users in a machine-readable format that is non-exclusive and usable without restriction.
  • Remixable – available under an open license that allows others to use, share, and add to data without restriction.

The GoOpen campaign goes beyond traditional data, actively urging participants to share learning resources and curriculum. As more and more states are approving the use of digital tools and texts, educators need to be able to easily locate and use those resources with their students, and the Learning Registry provides the network infrastructure to handle those exchanges.

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#GoOpen Success

Learn how the Williamsfield School District leveraged education technology to save families and taxpayers money while providing unique, targeted learning opportunities for each student.

At today’s date, 19 states and 107 districts have enjoyed the benefits of #GoOpen status according to Kristina Peters, K12 Open Education Fellow at the Office of Educational Technology.

#GoOpen Using The Learning Registry

Whether you are a publisher, developer or educator; there are resources online to guide you on becoming a #GoOpen state or district!

There are a variety of tools and methods to find, collect, and publish resources to and from the Learning Registry, depending on the size and technical capabilities of your organization. Navigation North‘s President, Joe Hobson, has provided documentation on publishing using the EZ Publish Tool, one of the easiest ways to quickly get your resources out there. For large-scale implementations, there are a variety of open source libraries and custom scripts that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Anyone can link up with other contributors and get the latest news and updates by subscribing to the Collaborator Mailing List. Simply send an email to to register.

You can also attend one of the regularly scheduled community phone conferences regarding development, publishing and using the Learning Registry. More information about these meetings is available through the Learning Registry Developers Google Group.

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#GoOpen Campaign

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