CTE Online – The Power Of A Shared Curriculum Community

CTE Online – The Power Of A Shared Curriculum Community 2016-10-10T11:15:34+00:00

Project Description


CTE Online is one of the most developed and evolved online community platforms Navigation North has designed and launched based on the vision California had to engage top-educators in learning design teams statewide. Supporting over 60,000 STEMCTE, and Academic Core educators in collaborative development of full CTE/STEM-based pathways, the site also receives over 30,000 visits a month from educators looking to then access the open, digital, Career-Ready curriculum fully aligned to CCSS and NGSS.


The California Office for College and Career Readiness wanted to organize CTE and STEM teachers from across the state in creating curriculum models aligned to California’s new CTE standards and aligned to California’s Common Core ELA & Math and the Next Generation Science Standards. Regional instructional leaders needed to guide teacher teams in their curriculum development, and minimize the amount of time they were pulled from classrooms to accomplish this work.


Navigation North developed a full platform with robust collaborative lesson, project, and course outline development tools that allow teachers to actively integrate rich OER from top providers with instructional strategies guidance from statewide lead teams in the form of CTE/STEM curriculum coaches. Through the use of specially designed, web-based tools, teachers create and publish their most innovative lessons and projects for use by colleagues across the state fully aligned to California’s CTE, CCSS-ELA & Math, and Next Generation Science Standards.

The CTE Online project continues to bring together top CTE and STEM educators in creating online model curriculum.

With over 4,000 unique lessons and tens of thousands of quality embedded OER instructional materials, CTE Online has become a definitive source for teachers seeking ready-to-use CTE/STEM curriculum and realizes over 30,000 unique visitors a month with 2/3 of those coming from states outside of California.

Example: CTE/STEM Integrated Project – Combining Biotechnology, Contemporary Literature, and Algebra 2/Statistics

CTE Online

Health, Science, Medical Technology (CTE/STEM), Alg. II/Statistics (Math), Contemporary Literature (ELA)

CTE Online

Online curriculum aligned to Common Core in California.