Digital Chalkboard

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Project Description


Navigation North worked with the California Department of Education as the initial design and development team for California’s My Digital Chalkboard platform as a place for K-12 educators and agencies to create online communities of practice.


California wanted to be proactive in providing schools and districts a digital environment to engage in collaborative use of Open Educational Resources along with tools and content to support online professional development focused on alignment of newly adopted standards with emerging assessments.


Navigation North created a comprehensive educator community platform with professional development content authoring tools allowing centralized teams at the California Department of Education and downstream agencies such as county offices and districts to create and disseminate full, online modules to every school statewide.

Additionally, Navigation North created one of the first dynamic resource repositories integrating objects and collections from 15 other national resource providers with meta-data management and use-data collectors to analyze those objects most used for supporting various academic standards across specific grade-levels.