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Project Description


The Learning Registry is an innovative new approach to sharing information about learning resources in a connected network of publishers and systems, to make it easier for educators and students to access the rich collection of content available online.


The systems educators rely on for finding digital materials to use with their students need to have a direct connection to the agencies and companies which publish and maintain those materials. The publishers need to track how end-users engage with their offerings. The network needs to provide tools and methods for a wide variety of platforms and tools to interconnect seamlessly.


As a long-time developer of a variety of teacher and student-focused learning management systems, employing some of our established relationships with government and non-profit agencies producing educational materials, Navigation North provided an end-to-end perspective to help ensure the success of the Learning Registry.

During the core development phase we built prototypes to demonstrate how the network could be used to facilitate the sharing of resource metadata and paradata between disparate systems. Once the network was up and running, we developed code libraries to make it easier for systems to connect to the nodes, and helped agencies publish their resource collections into the registry.

Since 2013, Navigation North has been the developer and community support provider for the Learning Registry, under contract with the US Department of Education Office of Educational Technology.

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