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Project Description


The US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology runs a variety of initiatives to help foster innovation in the education sector through the use of technology.


Being able to quickly and easily manage their web presence is essential to OET’s mission. Their needs extend beyond the basics of content editing, because their audience values more interactive ways for connecting to the office.


A commitment to the ideals of the open source movement and the flexibility of the overall framework, made WordPress the perfect platform for hosting OET’s content. Navigation North started by customizing a responsive theme and adapting it to fit the department’s distinct style with shortcodes and other enhancements added to make the content publishing even easier. For more complex content, plugins were created to give users a more interactive experience, including an interactive map of edtech stories and an self-assessment engine for personalized professional development.

Our work has since expanded to include collaborations with a number of other divisions in the Department of Education, providing customized themes and plugins to fit their needs and enhance their online presence.

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