Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

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Project Description


The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, made up of 25 states, was awarded $178 million to design and deliver the largest, online assessment system in U.S. history. Navigation North was hired to lead the research and create an analysis report on the technical readiness of districts across all of participating states.


While a small number of the 25 states included in the consortium had some experience with scaled, online assessments, most were still managing paper-copy “bubble” exams. The SBAC required an agency who knew what classroom testing environments looked like, and who understood technical infrastructure and district capacity to review and analyze survey readiness data collected from the entire consortium.


Navigation North performed a detailed examination of the entire set of survey data from every state. After reviewing this data and graphing results, Navigation North worked specifically with the contracted test development agency American Institutes for Research (AIR) to determine precise WAN and LAN infrastructure needs and device level technical specifications required to secure and deliver the full assessment regimen at any given school to scale for variable student populations.

From this information Navigation North designed a series of interview forms for state assessment officers, county and district technical leads, and site testing coordinators and targeted state, district, and site level personnel from over 15 states representing those most familiar with online testing and those who had no experience to date to create a Technology Readiness Framework to guide all states at different levels of preparation on the steps necessary to move towards adoption of these new online assessments.


SBAC Infographic