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Project Description


The Department of Education Office of Educational Technology has a contract for web development support with Navigation North. We provide design and support services for several WordPress websites, recommendations for improvements, and partner with our clients to investigate other areas of improvement.


Teach to Lead staff addressed concerns regarding the dated appearance of their website. The design and content did not lead visitors to the most important information the agency provides. How could we improve user journeys to guide the audience to the most pertinent information?


Updating the Stories Tool to Emphasize Profiles

Existing tools, initially developed for the Office of Educational Technology by Navigation North, were made available to display stories from summits held around the country. However, the Teach to Lead summits needed to highlight different content which more closely aligned with the results of these summits.

A change from emphasizing stories to profiles was our approach. Leveraging the existing structure of the stories tool, including updates to sorting and display options, allowed for impactful user experience improvements while being mindful of a limited budget for new development.

Improving Content and Design

Teach to Lead provided website examples they found effectively displayed similar information to what they share with their audience. Our team reviewed the examples and met with Teach to Lead to determine what structural features we could move forward with within their budget constraints.

One main objective was to guide users through main information and calls to action on the homepage rather than relying on a cluttered navigation. Teach to Lead’s organizational mission was added “above the fold” on the homepage, followed by call outs to summit information for educators, leadership lab details, and other resources for educators. Adding buttons and calls to action in the content guides users on a journey.

Teach to Lead

New Teach to Lead Website

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