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To modernize its learning management systems while reducing hosting and licensing costs without sacrificing features and services to their constituents, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) worked with Navigation North to deploy the open-source Canvas LMS.

Students, educators, and professionals
Reduction in system maintenance costs

An open-source LMS for New Mexico's largest school district

Albuquerque Public Schools

The Problem

Albuquerque Public Schools had multiple, non-integrated LMS solutions and were eager to find a platform to increase adoption, streamline maintenance, and significantly cut costs while still providing a robust and flexible experience to educators and students across the district.


We partnered with APS to investigate solutions for a consolidated, district-wide learning management system. Soon thereafter, Canvas LMS became the leading contender as together with partners in the open-source community, we could deploy a full-featured and cost-effective platform for the district.

Our Process

A phased process to implement Canvas LMS included an initial needs assessment, environmental scans, modeling, prototyping, building, testing, and migration. Working in tandem with the district's IT professionals, an open-source Canvas LMS solution, hosted by the district on a cluster of virtual machines was provisioned and configured to enable future capacity and growth with minimal additional cost.

A More Effective LMS

Since rolling out open-source Canvas LMS in 2017 to its more than 100,000 constituents, APS has provided schools with an enterprise-level experience‚ÄĒwithout the enterprise-level costs. Today, we continue to work with Albuquerque Public Schools to maintain and upgrade their open-source Canvas LMS solution with regular releases, focusing on student information system integrations, learning tools interoperability, and high-level support.

Navigation North

Screenshots of the Albuquerque Public Schools LMS on mobile and desktop
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